Take The Guesswork Out Of What To Wear For Fall Family Photos

So you’ve booked a session and you’re thinking, “now what?” Let’s talk about what you need to know and what to wear for fall family photos!

what to wear family photos

What to wear

Picking out outfits is maybe the most daunting but also the most fun part! I have a few guidelines I tell all my families that make the process easier.

A style guide and access to an online styling tool will be provided when you book a session with me. You’ll be given an access code with Style & Select, and then be prompted to answer an easy questionnaire. Tailored to the size of your family and style/color preferences, this questionnaire won’t take long! From there, the tool will produce photo-approved results and direct links to shop them, or just save them for inspiration. If you just want the cliff notes of what to wear, read on!

what to wear for family photos

Stick with earth tones, neutrals, and jewel tones. You want to stay away from bright colors like neons and lots of dark colors as they don’t photograph as well.

If you’re going to use patterns, make sure only one or two family members are wearing them. Too many will look busy! In order to prevent the patterns you do wear from being too overwhelming, choose smaller patterns. These can be patterns like delicate florals, vertical stripes, and muted plaid.

When it comes to adding interest, focus on textures and layering. Chunky knits, ruffles, and chambray can make all the difference, especially in fall. Sweaters over dresses, tights under a bubble romper for babies, and cute beanie hats for kids all will add to your family photos!

family outfit ideas

Speaking of layering, make sure you check the temps before your session. Fall weather can be unpredictable, and little ones can get grumpy when they’re cold. Taking advantage of layers not only looks good, but prepares for any dips in temperature!

Another thing I always make sure to mention is that if you have small children, you’ll be bending down, picking them up, and need to be able to move freely in those ways. Make sure you consider this when choosing your outfits! I always encourage mamas to wear long flowy dresses or maxi skirts. The movement of them looks great in photos and elevates the session, and they’re easy to move in.

dresses for moms

A few retailers I love for outfit prep for fall family photo sessions are H&M, Old Navy, Madewell, Joyfolie, Ivy City Co, Baltic Born, Vici, and Rylee & Cru. You can check out my Amazon storefront for some options as well. If you want more specific help, I offer an online styling service and I’d be happy to help further!

What to bring

When it comes to stuff, less is best! I recommend leaving purses, diaper bags, backpacks behind. If you can squeeze the essentials into a gallon ziploc bag, I can tote it for you! Usually all you will need is a few snacks and water for the kids (make sure the snacks aren’t messy!), wipes for any potential messes, and depending on the ages of your kids, some bribes. Gummies and mini marshmallows are great for bribe snacks. They’re small and they can help us with any negotiations that need to be done!

fall family photos

Between my last post all about when to book your session (make sure to check it out if you haven’t!) and now knowing what to wear and what to bring, I’d say you know how to prepare for fall family photos!

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