Don’t Forget These 3 Things When Booking Fall Family Photos

Preparing for your fall family photos doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a lot of things to consider when booking fall family photos, but I’ve got you! Let’s go over the details so you can feel confident when booking.

Fall is a great time to have your family photos taken.

Not only does it feel like a fresh start with school starting, but the heat is also starting to fade into the cooler, crisp air we all know and love about fall! Each month of the season has different pros and cons, but all are great options for your fall family photo session.

family photos during fall

September still usually has a bit of a summery feel, but you can totally “fall them up” with your clothing choices! It usually hasn’t rained enough to make things green again, and there are no fall leaves yet, but still totally doable!

October definitely looks more fall, especially toward the end. There are a little higher chances of rain, but each year is different. I always make sure I’m keeping an eye on the weather so we can be prepared and adjust as needed!

November is still great for fall photos! The timing of sessions get a little earlier due to daylight savings time ending, but there are great fall to winter sunsets and more flexibility due to weather adjustments.


Fall in Oregon is always unpredictable. Luckily, I’ve got lots of experience with embracing whatever weather we get. I’m a pro at shooting in overcast weather so clouds don’t phase me at all. In fact, they actually create a nice soft filter in the sky – a silver lining to getting a cloudy day!

overcast family pictures

It can be tempting to check the forecast for your session date weeks in advance. I beg of you – don’t! Nine and a half times out of 10, the forecast changes or is wrong, and then you’ve stressed for nothing. 

I don’t make any calls on rescheduling due to bad weather (rain!) until the day of. Only once I can see the hourly prediction in the exact area we are shooting in can we really know what we’re dealing with. 

With all of that being said, I do ask for flexibility on your end. This can be slight adjustments to start time, etc. I will always give as much notice as possible, but it’s best to not have a ton of plans surrounding your shoot. If you leave a little wiggle room, we’ll have the best chance of being able to make it work regardless of what the weather decides to do. If we do have to reschedule due to weather, I do my best to get you back into the calendar quickly.

Locations + Lighting

There are a few things I look for when it comes to a great location for photos in Portland. This doesn’t necessarily mean somewhere with the most vibrant fall foliage. I look for a spot that has open, natural space with trees to filter the light or provide shade if needed. I also look for places with some kind of natural elements that make it interesting. This could mean cool logs, water, rocks to sit or climb on, a wooden fence, rolling hills, etc. I prefer to shoot in locations that aren’t heavily populated, overly manicured, don’t have good natural light, or are too dense with trees and no open sky. 

locations for fall family photos

It all really boils down to what is going to get us the best end result! This also includes paying attention to the lighting in the time of day we are shooting. Ideally, sessions take place just after sunrise or just before sunset. Light is softer and more flattering during these times. Midday, even if it’s overcast, because the light source is coming from directly overhead. This can cause unflattering shadows, and we definitely don’t want that! 

Now that you have all the info you need for booking fall family photos, you can go ahead and reach out to book! Don’t worry, my next blog post is all about the day of the session – what to wear and what to bring. I’m with you every step of the way!

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