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Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are all about capturing those sweet moments as a family with your new baby. Most often, they take place in the comfort of your home, but they can also take place outdoors if you feel up for the adventure! I know how chaotic life can feel in those first few weeks at home with a baby, so I do my best to make these sessions relaxed, fluid, and stress-free. Your main job is to snuggle and love on your baby as much as possible. If you have other children, we incorporate them strategically (toddlers can lose interest QUICK) and if they are being wild, that is OK - I have tricks! Furry family members are also welcome. Although these sessions are not posed, I do give gentle direction to place you where the light is best and in ways that are complementary. For individual photos of the baby, I let them take the lead and don’t fuss over them being awake or asleep. We take breaks when/if needed - feeding and diaper changes are totally normal and expected. 


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As a lifestyle newborn photographer, I have extensive experience with handling little ones and keep their safety as a top priority.
If all of this information is feeling overwhelming to you now, don’t fret - once you book your session, I’ll send you a prep guide that will include all of this plus more!


newborn - $850

A lifestyle session that takes place in the comfort of your home. This session is all about capturing candid, real moments and the interactions between you + baby + whoever else is involved in a relaxed, casual way. They are typically booked in the morning and last between an hour and one and a half hours.  Includes your choice of 25 images with the option to purchase more upon delivery of gallery.

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fresh 48 - $800

The perfect way to capture the raw, real, and newness of your baby in the hospital/ birthing center/ wherever you deliver within the first 48 hours of their birth. Discounts given when bundling with a maternity or an in-home newborn session.


bump to baby - save $200

The best of both worlds! This package includes a full lifestyle maternity session plus a full lifestyle newborn session with a bundled discount.  It includes your choice of 25 images from each session, plus styling assistance and client guides.


Please note that all lifestyle newborn photography sessions include artist time + talent, your high-res and web-ready digital files presented beautifully in an online gallery, access to my professional print lab, a personal print release, and a newborn session welcome guide.  More small print available >

Figuring out what to wear for your photos can feel daunting. Luckily, I have a guide for that!

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My favorite part of photography is capturing real moments, laughs, smiles, and interactions between families and loved ones. I would say that my approach is half posed, half documentary. I will give you gentle guidance for positioning your body in ways that photograph well, but encourage you to interact with each other more than looking in the camera and forcing smiles. Usually the first 10-15 minutes are spent “warming up”, getting used to being in front of the camera, walking out to the location where we will be shooting, etc. I will typically take some candid/walking photos during that time. For couples with or without children, I encourage you to always be touching/connected in some way, and be snuggled in closer together than what may feel natural. Tickles, telling jokes, whispering secrets, jumping, running, tossing kids up in the air or in between you holding hands are great all ways to produce fun, authentic moments. Don’t be afraid to get silly!  

for newborn sessions outside of the home: what should i bring?

As little as possible. Please leave purses, bags/backpacks, wallets, phones, etc in the car! I always have a bag with me so I can carry your car keys and any other items you can’t live without, but it’s important to be as hands and pocket free as possible so it’s not a distraction in the photos. I’m not a big fan of props or decorations, but if there is something special that you want in your photos, you are welcome to bring it. I often like to get some photos of couples/families sitting on the ground, so if you have a special blanket or quilt that coordinates with your look, please bring it along, otherwise, I always carry a few neutral options in my car.

for in-home newborn sessions: how should i prepare?

The most important piece to an in-home session is making the best use of natural light, so picking out a few areas where light is the best. Typically, this is in the living room, master bedroom, and nursery, but of course that varies depending on how your house is set up. I do occasionally have to do a little rearranging to ensure you're facing the light. Try not to stress too much about your house being spotless, but focus more on de-cluttering the areas you think we'll shoot in. Simple is always better in my opinion. Another important piece is to be comfortable and relaxed, and not stress about whether the baby is sleeping or awake, happy or fussy- we will just take their lead.

what if i end up wanting more photos than i paid for, or to upgrade my package altogether?

Easy! Once I deliver your gallery, you can choose to purchase additional images for $20 each, or upgrade to the whole gallery for a flat fee of $150.

what should i wear?

Great question! Click here to see my style guide. I also have some Pinterest boards full of inspiration. If you need any additional help or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out!

what if the weather is bad?

We live in the PNW, and I embrace our gloomy weather. Unless it’s pouring/hailing/freezing rain, I will be there. We can always touch base before the session and evaluate if a rain-check is needed, but I don’t reschedule sessions for cloudy days!

do you use photoshop?

Rarely! I only use Lightroom to make small adjustments such as color balance, cropping/straightening, converting to B+W, editing out small blemishes and smoothing out skin tones. If there is some crazy obnoxious stop sign in the background of an otherwise “money shot”, I will use PS to remove it, but I generally try and keep things as natural as possible and don't believe in altering bodies/faces in any way.

anything else?

If you have children who are part of the photoshoot, please make sure they are well rested and well fed before your session, and bring snacks/treats if necessary. Other than that… relax and come ready to have fun!


A photography session with Caitlin is so much more than a few snaps of your family; she is truly passionate about capturing the love and warmth between her subjects and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Rosa M

Caitlin is able to catch glimpses of each person's individual personalities, and captures beautiful authentic shots. She is easy to work with and the sessions have been fun and relaxed.

Dezmoree J

Caitlin was able to capture who we are as a family as well as show each person’s unique personality in an authentic and complementary way. 

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