I’m a laid back Portland Oregon lifestyle family photographer  

I specialize in family, maternity & newborn sessions

why choose me? 

I see things that others may not. I pay attention, observe nuances, pick up on energy and meet you and your family where you are at. I have a passion for capturing the real stuff. The authentic laughs, the wind-blown hair, the tender moments, and the subtle details that tell such a powerful story. My aim is to make you feel something when you look at my images, not to create the forced-smile-yet-perfectly-posed photo. I provide gentle guidance along the way, with prompts that are intended to evoke a variety of emotions. We get goofy and silly and I have some tricks up my sleeve to keep little ones engaged. Your children do not need to be “well behaved.” They don’t have to look at the camera and smile, and neither do you. Your job is to simply show up with an open mind. Mine is to create the magic.

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things I dig

+ My 2nd grader
+ Seltzer water 
+ Cooking shows
+ Epic sunsets
+ Fresh flowers & plants in my home
+ Backyard hangs
+ The Office
+ Burritos > tacos
+ Iced coffee

-Paul strand

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness” 

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Portland Oregon family, newborn, and maternity photographer with a special place in my heart for spirited children and in-between moments.


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