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Styling Assistance for Family Sessions

Styling Assistance made easy!

Guess what!?  Figuring out what to wear for your family photo session doesn’t have to be stressful!  I know it can feel daunting.  Overwhelming.  Not fun.  I’ve been there, in my past life.  Luckily, if you’re working with me, styling families is something I have grown to LOVE and am happy to help with.  I offer several tiers of help, depending on your needs.  At the bare minimum, each client who books with me receives an extensive style guide that discusses what does and doesn’t photograph well, tips, suggested colors and suggested retailers.  Some people are able to take it from there on their own, and some need some extra guidance. 


Enter: Style & Select

Style & Select is an interactive website designed to provide outfit choices specifically meeting the needs of your particular family size, color scheme and style of clothing that are all “photo approved”.  The online tool works in three easy steps:  

  1. After you book your session, I provide you a link and unique passcode which takes you to a questionnaire.  From there, you input the number of people in your family, their age/size range, genders, your preferred style of clothing, and desired color scheme.
  2. Next, you get to choose from a curated grouping of options for each family member that are all meant to coordinate well together.  It provides photos, price and direct shopping links for the items you’ve selected.  You can purchase everything, only purchase a few main items, or just use it as a guide or inspiration to shop your own closet.  All of the items presented are carefully curated by the Style & Select team and are in style, in season (plus or minus some layers), and in stock.  
  3. Once you’ve made your selections, you can email the results to yourself and I’ll also get a copy so that I can provide feedback.  From that email, you can click on each item of clothing and it takes you directly to the retailer link to shop.


That’s it!  But if that still feels overwhelming, I can also make the selections for you and send you the recommendations so all you have to do is click and buy!  

Here are a few style boards I created in less than 10 minutes – these would be perfect for a spring session!

spring family photo style boardspring family photo clothing ideas

  Want to find out more about the styling assistance service I offer?  Contact me here, or if you’re ready, book a session!

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