+ Wear fabrics that move and flow. movement = magic. I will always suggest a flowy dress for women because of the moment factor. It truly elevates your session! 

+ Coordinate without matching (please, please don’t match!)

+ Mix colors and patterns (mom has a floral dress and baby in stripes? Yes, totally OK!)

+ Add texture! Different fabrics - twill, corduroy, flannel, chunky knits, embroidery details, Swiss dots, layers, ruffles, buttons, etc.

+ Plan your clothing around the location where your session will take place. For example, if we are shooting in an area with lots of trees, avoid wearing green/dark colors.

+ Think outside the box: in colder months, throw a pair of tights or knee socks on with a bubble romper for baby. Wear things that can be layered up or down, depending on the season.  

+ Paying attention to small details can really elevate your session. For example, if your baby needs to be soothed with a pacifier, consider a more photogenic brand such as these so that we can keep on snapping without missing a beat!    

So you’ve booked a session, and now you’re wondering what to wear? I can help! I want to preface this section by saying that I recognize that clothing can be a very personal, sensitive, and unique representation of yourself and I am in no way encouraging anyone to be different than they are. I am here to help guide what I know photographs the best, and offer as much or as little help as you need. The ultimate goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you have on, because that will radiate though in your photos.  

With that being said, let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t work so well.  

such as these



+ Match! I would even go so far as to suggest not picking any kind of color theme, and instead sticking with certain tones that give off a cohesive vibe and not a traditional matching feel.

+ Wear things with large logos, characters, writing or neon colors.

+ Wear ill-fitting things. Pay attention to the fit of your clothing. For women, flowy/movement is good. For men, it’s almost the opposite - you don’t want your pants and tops to be baggy. Slimmer fitting clothing photographs best on men and helps you look more pulled together, no matter what your size is.

+ Be too fussy. My goal is not “perfection”, so if you’re hiring me, yours shouldn’t be either. Let the hair down and loose. No need for gel or hairspray. No need for that bow in your kid’s hair to be precisely placed. Wind is my friend (again, movement!) and yeah, it’ll blow things around, and I’ll love it.  


+ Warm, neutral tones photograph the best with my style of photography and editing. If blue is your must-wear favorite color, try finding a shade of blue that has some warmth to it.  

+ Go-to colors: soft greys, cream, beige, burnt orange, caramel, rust, mustard yellow, blush, peach, mauve, plum, army green, dark jeans, chambray, tan leather. Black is ok if used sparingly.  

+ Avoid: primary colors, neons, “baby” pink/blue/yellow, heavily branded clothing.

I also have a small selection of clothing on hand that you may borrow for your session. Please reach out if you would like to take a look!

Again, these are not hard-fast rules - they are only suggestions! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I am more than happy to help plan your outfits, and all styling assistance is completely complimentary.