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Yes, we can do an Outdoor Newborn Session!

So you want newborn photos, but you don’t feel safe yet inviting someone into your home – or maybe you just want your photos to have a different look.  With the warmer weather quickly approaching, we can totally do your newborn session outdoors!  In fact, I am a huge fan of these sessions.  They can still be cozy and snuggly but also have that nature vibe and it’s pretty magical.  Since newborns are delicate, sensitive little creatures, there are definitely some things to consider when deciding to book your outdoor newborn session.  Read on to find out more!

How does an outdoor newborn session even work?

Very similarly to an in-home session, just with a different background!  These sessions are focused on the love and connection between you and your new baby, so no matter where we are, the main goal is to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.  Primarily, the baby with be in your arms.  I will direct you in different ways and shoot from different angles perspectives to give your session a great variety.  Generally the flow of the session will be some of you walking with baby in your arms, some standing and snuggling (I call it the baby sandwich!), some of baby with each parent individually, some sitting/laying on a blanket, and then baby on a blanket or in a bassinet (which I provide) on their own.  Detail shots of all of those details you never want to forget – toes, fingers, ears, nose – can be taken while they are in your arms.

dad mom and baby on the beach during golden hourlooking down at newborn between mom and dad's head


Keeping your newborn happy outside:

  • Dress them appropriately.  Babies can’t adjust their body temperatures as well as adults.  Adding extra layers and removing as needed is always recommended.  I will only offer these sessions in warmer months, but it’s still best to start with a onesie, an extra layer, a hat, and a blanket.  You can remove these layers as needed throughout the session.  They want to be cozy and feel secure!
  • Bring along any essentials.  This means pacifiers, bottles and/or being ready and prepared to nurse them as needed.  If you have other children, bringing snacks and items to keep them happy is important as well.  Once you book your session, I send out a whole guide on how to prepare and what to bring, so don’t feel like you have to remember it all now!
  • Make sure they are well rested.  This differs from in-home sessions, where I ask that you keep them up beforehand if you want those sleepy photos.  For outdoor sessions, it can be more difficult to get them sleepy, so I just don’t really expect them to be.  I’d rather have an awake but happy baby than a tired, grumpy one!


newborn baby looking up at camera on mamas lap

When you should book your outdoor newborn session:

I am not a stickler for how old your baby needs to be!  Traditionally, newborn sessions are done within the first few weeks of life, but since I take a lifestyle approach and am not posing them into weird pretzel like shapes, it really doesn’t matter.  I want YOU to feel confident and ready, that is what matters most.  But, if you’re wanting to grab one of these sessions for this spring and summer, I would think ahead and grab a date now since I tend to book a few months out in advance.

As far as time of day, all of my outdoor sessions are done around sunrise or sunset.  The sun is less harsh during those times, and the light is golden and magical.  This makes a HUGE difference in the quality and style of your images, and I promise you it is worth it.

family walking during sunset with newbornlittle girl kissing newborn brother during outdoor newborn sessionmama with baby boy looking at flowers outdoorsfamily sitting on log outdoors with toddler boy and infantmom and daughter outdoor cuddling with newbornmom and dad snuggling newborn outdoors

So, are you ready to book your outdoor newborn session yet??  Click here to contact me or to schedule online!

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